Managing iPhone notifications from the lock screen

Managing iPhone notifications from the lock screen

Our iPhones are such wonderful tools to connect us with the world around us, but with all the notifications they bring to you, they can also distract us from experiencing the world around us too. 

Managing your notifications is essential to controlling your phone, and not letting your phone control you. In this email, you will discover one of the ways to control your notifications from the lock screen.

VoiceOver Instructions: Step 1: Focus on the notification you want to modify, then using 1 finger, swipe up or down to go through the rotor options.
Step 2: When you hear the words "Manage" stop swiping and then double tap with 1 finger.
Step 3: Using 1 finger, flick to the right or left to navigate the "Manage notifications screen" a description of the options are below. Deliver Quietly: Will set the notifications from this app to be delivered directly to Notification Center. The notification, will not make any sounds, vibrate or be visible from your lock screen. Turn Off: Will stop this app from being able to notify you about anything until you manual open the application. Settings: Will allow you to manually adjust the many different notification settings for this app.



I use Pocket to save things, like news articles, and videos I find around the web that I don’t have time to watch or read right now. It is a free app with the option of a subscription, but I have used the app for years and have never found a need for the premium membership.


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